Baby World: High Contrast Flashcards for Infants

Support your newborn's development from their birth and discover fascinating things about your baby. A must-have application for all babies up to 12 months of age! Read more to learn about a free special bonus included in the app! Did you know that during the first months of their life newborn only see high contrasts (like black and white)? Their vision is blurry and they cannot see colors, which is why babies most often ignore colorful pictures and focus on simple, contrasting patterns and illustrations instead. Following our research and cooperation with child development specialists and long tests with children and parents, we have created a set of high-quality, contrasting flashcards to capture your baby's attention. Take care of your child's development from their first months of their life! You can use Baby World app to show them pictures designed specifically for newborns and young babies, tell them stories about the surrounding world or calm them down. It is a great way to create a strong bond with your child while spending quality time with them.

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